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SCENT A1 (minimum viable product available) will be a portable, inexpensive and user-friendly device, capable of improving preliminary screening of colorectal adenomas, without adding complications to the procedure currently adopted by the Health Service. In fact, this test will analyze feces (as FOBT, Fecal Occult Blood test) collected by the subject itself, analyzing the composition of their emitted gas.


The idea behind SCENT was born at the Sensors Laboratory (SL) of the University of Ferrara. It was originated by reading scientific papers regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by tumor cells. From here, the idea of applying chemoresistive nanostructured sensors arouse, which are extremely versatile, to the detection of gaseous biomarkers emitted by feces of patients with colorectal polyps. In fact, when feces come in contact with the tumor mass, they are altered in their gas composition and SCENT A1 is able to identify this difference.